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Simply Hired is an employment website and mobile application and an online recruitment advertising network based in Sunnyvale, California. The company was launched in 2003. In 2016, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. (owner of, a Simply Hired competitor), purchased Simply Hired.The company aggregates job listings from thousands of websites and job boards.

Kristin mentioned, "Simply Hired doesn't answer their phones or reply to my emails. There have been lots of fake job postings and impersonators, and I can't get anyone to help me remove the postings. Frustrating."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They don't pay on time, sometimes you don't get paid at all. Look elsewhere!!!!!!"


"sold out to main competitor"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-I'm sad to hear Simply Hired died, but I'm not surprised given my experience months prior: -No direction nor transparency. Lots of false starts on projects. Few projects that do make it through are axed just weeks before launch. New fires to put out every day, general havoc -Didn't value (most) employees. First, very low starting salary with promised 'quarterly reviews and raises' that never materialized. Then, questionable terminations for 'performance-based' reasons. Then, outsourcing. -Inflated titles and salaries in some places despite cost-cutting everywhere else. Alarming inconsistencies between actual contributions and compensation (eg. employee with < 1 year experience and minimal contributions is "mid level", while team lead with > 5 years experience is "junior")"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"for a while, simply hired has no innovation. bad decisions from executive levels. nice people is not always good workers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. New CEO for the past several years has driven it into the ground with his lack of market understanding, horrible hires and egotistical management style 2. Product direction for the past several years has never allowed the company to gain traction against any of our competitors, while our chief competitor Indeed got acquired for nearly a billion dollars and continues to gain global market share 3. Almost no confidence across the organization in our direction 4. We're all getting laid off and shutting down the company by the end of June Other than that, its a great place to work."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management didn't understand the industry. Exec's didn't listen to employee or client feedback. Unrealistic goals that were not driven by data. Poor management at the exec level. SH never addressed the traffic issues or product delivery problems."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is a potential, but it is guarded by those without a good perspective. There is no 'path' to get promoted within the company. Managers have no focus, few are leaders communication between departments is terrible even after attempts to fix it There is no real ownership of issues at hand With no real processes, terminations occur randomly and often without documented/measurable reasons HR is authoritative more than personable. Occasionally contradicts actions that are stated to not be okay within the company."


"Tough to monetize in the job search space. And Indeed, which has aced organic search, is attracting a much bigger audience. If you like the search space, try a sector that monetizes better, as this gives a company more resources to build the business."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I'm amazed that the company is still around. The leadership wanted to push take the website international, but it couldn't even do well in its own domestic market. Not only was the company not growing, neither were employee's career. When the new CTO first started his position, perhaps less than 1 month into the job, he blatantly said that he's looking to hire more senior level engineer's but will not promote current employees to that position. What he really meant to say was "I'm going to hire all my friends to come join me". Bottom line, join this company if all you care about is getting a paycheck. Don't join this company if you want to see any kind of growth at all, whether it be in your career or company growth."


"Communication from leadership/managers was not consistent and there were a lot of internal chaos that was very difficult to focus on generating revenue. Quota's and goals were not given for weeks/months into role, challenging to know how you were being measured. Culture of company and internal departments was strange and counterproductive. Employees were not valued and even treated badly."

Gi Co says

"tried for days to contact them, how can these alleged companies be on the market. They must be reported, but wait company!!! i will put my lawyer on. all those who work with them should also be fined. No phone, no chat, welcome in 2021!!!"

Ahava Lang says

"Beware of this company they appear to be unethical; they demanded confidential company information from us and after receiving it, they arbitrarily decided we were unsuitable to post a medical assistant job on their site. No explanation and a disclaimer not to appeal their decision. This appears to be an unorthodox and unethical approach to dealing with both businesses and the public alike. At the very least it is untrustworthy behavior. For the record, we are a 30 year operating medical practice with excellent reviews. It is my opinion that they may be a data collecting operation. Regardless, and based on my experience with the company, I would not recommend doing business with them."

Texan Range says

"A scam company it makes me laugh that our legislators can’t get it together. STOP these companies. Who cares if it’s a thankless job! This is what government does best. THIS IS HOW U IMPROVE an economy !"

Iris says

"It's a scam, stay away"

Steven S. says

"Would give 0 stars if I could. My resumes are all on PDF format but kept getting error messages when I tried to attach files to my application ( which was for a job I would have truly loved). Very frustrating job board to use compared to Indeed, ZipRecuiter and others."

Candice Stayer says

"WORST EXPERIENCE WITH A JOB BOARD EVER. There is no option for zero stars."

Cissy White says

"I don't even understand how a company could still be in business that operates with no contact by phone. I am used to do doing things online but if I get stuck I can pick up the phone and contact cs. I was denied as an employer after submitting verifiable information to them. Have been in business for almost 10 years and we operate as an S-corp and they emailed and said not suitable information. Who is that wack company and why are people listing their jobs with them. I am grateful we were denied after coming here to see all of the other negative reviews. Horrible job search company and they need to be shut down!!"

Karyn LaRocca says

"Horrible experience! I couldn’t believe the way they “dismissed” me. I actually feel better now that I came on here and saw I wasn’t alone. Ridiculous!"

John chambers says

"As a small company, I tried to setup a account and post one simple job posting. After having me upload my drivers license, and face pic, I got an email to the company address that required a utility bills or copy of state registration of the company. I provided the registration of the company, then all of the sudden they wanted tax registration, utility bill, among other things. I am sorry as a small business, I am simply looking to bring on a apprentice on a contract basis for small construction jobs. This company needs to list these things up front so people understand the process before having you enter a credit card for a $199 plus subscription. every step required additional info. The website, the id, the state reg, the email everything is tied to me and my company. Even after provided this info, the last email was that my company was unworthy or unsuitable to have an account with SimplyHired and the decision was final, and no need to respond. Excuse me, who the hell are you to dismiss my legitimate company. Ten minutes later, I am setup on ziprecruiter. what a hassle."

Leigh Haugen says

"Horrible experience. Systems/website doesnt work. We could never get our account activated and then weeks later we got an apology email from their tech support team, but still no activation. Now we just got an email that our 'free' period ends tomorrow and they are going to start charging us - and their cancellation process on their website generates an error message. Horrible company, will never use again."



Stuart Kaplowitz says

"We set up an account and, after the worst response rate ever, we ended our relationship -- at least I thought we did. We were charged for the following month. Communicating is non-existent with this company. I balked. No response. Then, they had the nerve to charge me again for the following month. I reached out again. Nothing. Ridiculous!!! Please beware. Perhaps this company helped some. I dont know how."

Deana Vyhlidal says

"After trying to sign up for an account, we were denied. We are a legitimate business, with over 95 years in our community. Even after submitting the required proof. There are other job boards we will just use - don't waste your time on this one!"

Nicole says

"Terrible, waste of my time. After I input all my info, going on the premise that it was FREE as advertised, it asked me to pay for an expensive monthly plan. As someone else said, I was trying to go outside of the usual spots. Never again."

Paula says

"Waste of time Had to register to apply for an apprenticeship, however after registering, the page is showing an error and wont let me log in or apply. Sent an email last week notifying of the problem and requesting advice. No response, no action, nothing. Thumbs down."

Yoyoma says

"The absolute worst scam ever."

MsDarko says

"They force you to use your google or Facebook to login. It never used to be like that before. Their keyword search is a joke and brings up everything plus the kitchen sink."

Staff at QareWell says

"Their advertising is very misleading, They claim you can post jobs for free, after they waste your time, steal your personal information that you have given on the premise of being able to be able post for free as claimed, then ask for the payment to activate your job post. And there is no way to delete your account!"

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